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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Let me start this post by saying......You gotta love a lyricist.....Our minds work in wonderous ways and the output is so real and creative plus it tells our story vividly......Ok back to it.....I'm mad at you hip hop lovers for not making it out to the show....ok I take it back....I'm mad at the hip hop heads who knew about the show and didn't show up!!! It was a small amount of us but it was dope........First my man DJ Prominent displayed the sick wheels of steel skills and lyrical and lyrical and lyrical beast unleashed.....Did a couple of songs for his solo effort coming soon and some classic Working Class songs....Dopeness!!!.....Next Awar did his set and rocked the house with vivid wordplay...Mad Props to ICON da Mic King....he got the crowd involved and wrecked heads with the Ninja freestyle....blindfolded himself and took items from the crowd and freestyled about them....without peeking!!!! That's what's good!! At least but not least.....Rugged Man.......I don't think I could sum it up with just one post but I will try.....Dipped into the vault....He did his verse from Chains.......retarded goodness......Lessons was next......So much sicker when it is live!!!...Crowd started asking for request...Vietnam Story verse.....Casanova....Man, He was having a better time than us....I swear....He started giving us s...t, a little comedy in between songs...calling people out of thier names and scenerios.....Dude is crazy....That's a Rugged man show...if you get offended...F*K U....but everyone there knew the deal for real...I honestly think it ended too early but I guess you got to go home sometime....So anyone who has not seen a Rugged Man missing some real hip hop....Keep it moving!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Nothing I like more than building a sick song with sick individuals...Music is infinite.....I want everyone to know that I don't charge to collab with anyone...That's just my preference...I will work with any artist that is real about what they are wanting to do and I will not turn down any track unless it sounds like Laffy Taffy....I'm sorry if I offend anyone but that beat is garbage...I am small time trying to be big....Those I consider fam and people that I have worked with in the past....if for some crazy reason, I get on like I'm supposed.....same deal.....No charge for collabs....Coming together for something great and making a monster song is the real slinging your own product to get a burrito every once in a while .....Food....mmmmm...Keep it moving!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Give it up to the Grinderz

I have a good friend named Omar that is extremely hard to reach sometimes....I bet you wonder why that is....He is a GRINDER......If your grind is correct, you SHOULD be hard to get ahold of......That's means it's working and so are you...Dj Prominent.....definite grinder...Black Pegasus of Brass Knuckles is like that, I've heard as well. And a few other friends of have you had a hard time getting a hold of me.....GRINDING!!!! Keep it moving


Friday, January 12, 2007

Some thoughts

"Hard work ain't never hurt no one, son" - EgoEd

Some times you just feel like quitting. You see what's out there and you, where do I fit in? A good friend told me, he didn't want to fit in....he wanted to make his own notch in this world. This journey of life is definitely what you make it. I mean, sure there are obstacles in your way but then you have a choice....Do you succumb or do you overcome? I'm not going into what I've been through because one day that will be evident. But I do want to say that your own mind can knock your out of the race. You say things like "I can't do this" or "It's not happening" can construct your own hole instantly. Yeah, you might have been able to do it but now you'll never know. Makes sense to be positive, right? But it is definitely a skill that takes time to master. If anyone that is reading this tells themselves daily that they are a failure....I challlenge to change your thinking. The world would be nothing without you....Remember that, Deon.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What up, fam? This is ya boi, MI....still in the lab....still making music......just some updates.....There is no longer Apeplanet Entertainment...good news.....since it's my logo and all, it is now been dubbed Gorilla Groundz Productions. Check the myspace and you will see what I am talking about( <-----I know, I'm working on it. But I got some new music coming....(stop booing, it really is coming!!!!) and it's from the core so you know it will be hot....Haven't talked much about my man Rick J...he is also down with Gorilla Groundz and we are working on projects for this man as well. That good feel music coming at you as well. Peace to my peoples Distrakt, Dj Prominent, Kove One, Egoed, Still Catching Wreck, DJ Skip Ripkin, Deux Process, Procussions, Founded Records, Fallen Star, Zet, Verbal Remedy, J-Fever, Maneline, 1865, Iseer, ChasePai, Dymancuttaz, Judge Doom, FlowGod, AllGood, B-Serious, Skinny C, JDGAF, P-Nice and the So Heated Fam, and all independent artists doing the damn thing....Keep it moving and I will keep you updated. ONE M.I.L.O.G.I.C.