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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What up, fam? This is ya boi, MI....still in the lab....still making music......just some updates.....There is no longer Apeplanet Entertainment...good news.....since it's my logo and all, it is now been dubbed Gorilla Groundz Productions. Check the myspace and you will see what I am talking about( <-----I know, I'm working on it. But I got some new music coming....(stop booing, it really is coming!!!!) and it's from the core so you know it will be hot....Haven't talked much about my man Rick J...he is also down with Gorilla Groundz and we are working on projects for this man as well. That good feel music coming at you as well. Peace to my peoples Distrakt, Dj Prominent, Kove One, Egoed, Still Catching Wreck, DJ Skip Ripkin, Deux Process, Procussions, Founded Records, Fallen Star, Zet, Verbal Remedy, J-Fever, Maneline, 1865, Iseer, ChasePai, Dymancuttaz, Judge Doom, FlowGod, AllGood, B-Serious, Skinny C, JDGAF, P-Nice and the So Heated Fam, and all independent artists doing the damn thing....Keep it moving and I will keep you updated. ONE M.I.L.O.G.I.C.


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