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Gorilla Groundz Productions hosted by M.I.L.O.G.I.C.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gorilla Groundz....

The South Park version of MILOGIC....
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and me as a superhero....Keep it moving!!!!
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My son Xavier

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Yeah that's right.....Keep it moving!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Boot Camp Clik at Club Vinyl Dec 7 2007

I got a chance to attend one sick show yesterday....BCC.....The sickness...I'm talking about Buckshot,OGC,Cocoa Brovaz,HELTAH SKELTAH!!!!!! I feel bad if you missed that show....My man Distrakt was the opener and all I got to say, skills, skills.....If he ain't dropping letter bombs on stage then he's flowing on the CB radio wireless...(yeah that's right) and if he ain't doing that....then he's setting the mic on fire.....The man is unstoppable.....He's got a nasty new joint with Sadat X and it's blazing hot.....My man keeps it live in CO!!!! I was not able to rock that stage but I did get some CDs out there so hope to hear from my new fans soon!!!yep!! BCC killed it some crazy ish...with all those throwbacks classics and some new fire as well....Sean P is f... beast.....Rockness dropped an acapella joint that made me throw away a few notebooks....kidding...but the joint was incredible....The drama of night though got a brother laughing...I guess some poor schmuck caught a BCC punch to the mouth....Courtesy of the BDI thug BUCKSHOT.....I really feel sorry for the dude only for one reason....the rest of his life he has to remember he got punched in the mouth by a legend, a pioneer of hip how many emcees must get dissed???? Keep it moving, family........1
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