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Friday, January 12, 2007

Some thoughts

"Hard work ain't never hurt no one, son" - EgoEd

Some times you just feel like quitting. You see what's out there and you, where do I fit in? A good friend told me, he didn't want to fit in....he wanted to make his own notch in this world. This journey of life is definitely what you make it. I mean, sure there are obstacles in your way but then you have a choice....Do you succumb or do you overcome? I'm not going into what I've been through because one day that will be evident. But I do want to say that your own mind can knock your out of the race. You say things like "I can't do this" or "It's not happening" can construct your own hole instantly. Yeah, you might have been able to do it but now you'll never know. Makes sense to be positive, right? But it is definitely a skill that takes time to master. If anyone that is reading this tells themselves daily that they are a failure....I challlenge to change your thinking. The world would be nothing without you....Remember that, Deon.



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