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Friday, January 13, 2006


King Teqnyc
I'm a little late with this post bad.

Just wanted to say first of all Please make it to ALL's GOOD and C-NOTESYCE....Man please help if I am spelling the name wrong... Show
at the UNION STATION WEDNESDAY JAN 18 2006 Doors open at 8pm....No will be live........

Alright, back to it.....

I did not catch all of Dirty Jew and crew doing their thing( what I did catch was tight)....Jackie Bond and Wayneaic did they Hip Hop was

Highlights of the Battle

As you know ALL GOOD won last week so he implemented his own rules......including a
a ban from the stage if you lose!!!! Damn!!

I'm still kinda weary on who exactly got banned or if it really happen or not but none the less
that was bold....

King Teqnyc took on Quest from Goon Squad
You knew they was peeples but King took that one

Then Rahney against Infinity
Ummmm......still don't really know who won that in my mind but
both great lyricist and Infinity wins the round

Now King Teqnyc had to not only battle Infinity
but also Rahney

Infinity did lose unanimous to King but Rahney laid down some serious lines......attacking
King fierce but Tecnyq is no punk and delivered
the coup de grace on that ass...

Winner : King Teqnyc!!!

Another win for Hip Hop all around!!! Union Station is still here and you can't help but love that.....Keep it moving!!!!


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