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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Keep it moving

Last night...the place was packed......wall to wall peoples to check out C-Notecious and All Out Entertainment, All Good and Pinnacle Records and Lenny Len from 96.1 beat doing the damn thing!! Hip Hop in full effect even with some mishaps, misunderstandings or what not.....Yeah there was a few fights last night....Even in the middle of my favorite part of Sound Check.....The freestyle one walked away with $100 because honestly things got out of hand...Keeping it positive though....I look forward to the show next week with King's...SICK Entertainment doing they thing......OH yeah....After the club started closing up...My people's Kevin, some know him as Cheeba started a little cypher after singing "He's Got the WHole World in the his song for those who don't know...trying to lighten up the place......Man don't you miss Waynaic, Top Notch, Goon Squad, Prominent and myself passed the mic for one sick lyrical end to the night...SO again We keep it moving....I pray that we can keep Hip Hop alive at that venue..One love to all Independent Artists...everywhere.


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